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Folder Cockpit & Personal Lighting

Cejay Engineering is the premier manufacturer of LipLight and FingerLight technology for both civil and military use. Our cockpit and personal lighting solutions offer a unique set of features that set us apart in the industry.

Folder DropZone & Airfield Lighting

Cejay Engineering offers the most complete array of solutions to meet the most rigorous airfield and dropzone lighting requirements for both civil and military use.

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All news related documents.

Folder IR Strobes & Beacons

Cejay Engineering is setting the world standard for covert signaling and identification of military, law enforcement, SWAT and homeland security assets with it's product line of signalling beacons.

Folder IR Tape and Markers

The Warrior GloTape product line is the most cost-effective and dependable way to combat friendly fire casualties.

Folder Thermal Tape and Markers

The Combat ID Thermal Panel is a thermal marker that can only be viewed by Thermal Imaging Equipment. The CID Thermal Panel can be seen by all deployed cooled or un-cooled thermal viewers and is available in vehicle or personnel models.

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